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Jay Stokes is a native of NC.  He is a movie buff and singer.  In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter Kiera and their rambunctious shih tzu dog named Bentley.

Shemeka Stokes is also a native of NC, but was raised in GA for the better part of her childhood.  She is an amateur baker who enjoys relaxing on the beach with her family whenever she gets the opportunity.  

This dynamic team share a passion for cooking and eating great tasting food.  Like many weekends at their home, Jay was planning to grill & was trying to find the right flavor for ribs he was prepping.  He just wasn't pleased with other blends he had used in the past.  He decided to blend spices they had on hand & the ribs turned out as a bit hit!  Soon, they began to use they're homegrown rub on everything they cooked for themselves, family and friends!  The rub was even given as a wedding favor to the guests of Jay & Shemeka's marital ceremony.  They received rave reviews from their guests & knew they were on to something big!

From humble beginnings to what is now known as Jay Ski's Rub A Dub, this husband and wife team continues to take pride in bringing you quality products!

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